Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pink Craze...


Colours are so important. Why? Because they paint your life with so much feelings attached. I do believe colours represent so much that you can't even describe how you feel when you look at a colour. There's so much in a colour that your heart can't settle for one. *I'm not sure if I'm making any sense here..*. Red can mean that you're currently angry but once in a while a slightly different shade of red might say that it's romantic. See? The total opposite from just a single colour.

The colours that decorate our planet into an awesome one~

I used to think that before colours were introduced on television, the world was just black and white...and gray. Yes, I used to think that. That everyone around you have gray, white or black skin. That they wore gray suits, black suits, etc. How childish of me to think that? *Actually I'm still not conviced that colours existed during the 18th century*

Recently, there this one particular colour that catches my eye everytime I see it. It's not that I like it, I don't hate it either. I used to love this colour when I was a little girl. The period where Barbies were my best friends. Princesses and dresses were in my dreams. The colour that now cover gift shops and girls' stuff. Yes. I'm talking about the colour "PINK".

Have you ever experienced something like this? I guess everyone does. Somehow the world is surrounded by that colour and the others just don't stand out as much. I hope this doesn't stay long in my head. I have to resist buying pink stuff or I'll end up looking like a girl who plays Barbie by herself in a room filled with pink laces and pink wallpaper. No no no...Impossible.

I love WHITE! White is my favourite colour...White, white, white, white, pink~ Ahhh!!!

The pinks in my room~

Okay, this has to stop!

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